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The Climate Fresk Workshop

Get on top of the key elements of climate science and connect the dots! This workshop offers you the possibility to do just that in a fun and engaging way. Climate Fresk is suitable for adults and teenagers starting from 16. Both beginners and experts can enjoy the workshop and learn a lot from it. We run Climate Fresk online as well as in person. If you’re looking for an interesting, interactive tool that allows participants to deepen their knowledge, reflect and have fun – you’ve found it!

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  • Interactive and engaging format – all participants are involved

  • climate science presented in an accessible way

  • can be used as a team building activity

  • valuable for all levels - test, deepen or share your climate knowledge! 

About the workshop

The Climate Fresk workshop breaks down the scientific information collected by the IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change. Instead of reading a report that has a few hundred pages, you can participate in the workshop which summarizes the key information on 42 cards. 

The workshop is run by trained facilitators and is licenced by the Climate Fresk Association in France.

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How does it work?

In teams of 6 to 10, participants discover the 42 workshop cards and establish their interconnectivity to put them into an order of cause and effect. This bottom-up approach of learning fosters collective intelligence and team spirit. Climate Fresk is not only about gaining knowledge. It also boosts self-reflection, behaviour change and solution-oriented thinking. Once all cards have been discussed there is also time to talk about emotions and to move to solutions.

Great facilitation, very dynamic flow of the workshop. For me it was a 5-star event. During the workshop I gained a holistic overview of the interconnectedness of various climate change consequences. It was a great portion of science presented in a super practical and accessible way. I can highly recommend the Climate Fresk!

Joanna Murzyn
Institute of Digital Ecology

I learned a lot. The facilitation was great as we were led to take the initiative and work together as a group. I liked the cards used during the session – they allowed us to learn new facts and work together on the cause and effect relationships. I left feeling I’ve broadened my understanding of climate science.

Aleksandra Abakanowicz
Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Incubator Starter 

Discussions during the workshop enabled us to realise the scale of the challenge presented by the climate crisis and to deepen our understanding of the topic. Climate Fresk gives you a significant dose of facts and also an opportunity to talk about how these facts make you feel and how can we can all communicate climate science better.

Bartłomiej Kozek
UNEP/GRID Centre Warsaw

Key organisational info

Where: in person or online (zoom & mural)
Duration: standard option: 3h, extended (with additional sector specific activities): 4h
Number of participants: 6-10 for in person and 6-8 for online workshop
(a few workshop can be done at the same time with 1 facilitator per group)

Szkolenia dla moderatorek i moderatorów

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mozaika 12 sierpnia.png

The Climate Fresk helped me to see the causes and consequences of the climate crisis in a more structured way. Honestly, I thought that as we had a few experts in our group we will have a very easy task, but it wasn’t like this. The workshop is great for a variety of different types of groups. Anna’s facilitation was very helpful – she gave clear instructions and was great as explaining the elements which were more complicated.

Justyna Markowicz
Podcaster, Zrównoważony Biznes

What I liked most about Climate Fresk was the element of collaboration of all participants. The 3 hours went by very quickly! I also appreciated the way the workshop was moderated – creating time and space for the group to find their own dynamics and for all the participants to get engaged. I broadened my knowledge about climate science and gained a useful structure to the facts I knew about climate change and it’s consequences.

Magdalena Jedlicka
European Solidarity Centre

Schedule a call

Book a call to discuss your needs and aims for yourself and your team. Together we can see if the Climate Fresk will be the right tool for you and discuss how to best fit it into the context of your organisation. Get in touch with Anna on or +48 882 509 180.


Our Clients

Since March 2019 we had the pleasure to work with the following clients:

Public sector

  • European Solidarity Centre Gdansk

  • City of Gdansk

  • City of Sopot

  • Mazovian Social Policy Centre

  • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia

  • Cultural Institute Gdansk (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej)

  • Family Centre Gdynia (Gdynia Rodzinna)

  • UrbanLab Gdynia

  • Centre for Ecological Information and Education in Gdańsk

  • the Mazovia Institute of Culture

Private sector

  • Netguru

  • PURO Hotels

  • Google

  • Bayer

  • Café Kwadrat

  • Yoga & Pilates Centre Gdynia

  • Travel agency KOMPAS

  • State Street


  • Greenpeace

  • Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation (Inkubator Starter)

  • Liberte Foundation

  • Generacja Foundation

  • The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association

  • UP Foundation – Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju

  • Polish Ecological Club

  • Pomeranian Network of NGOS (Pomorska Sieć Centrów Organizacji Pozarządowych)

  • International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA-Poland)

  • "Strefa Zieleni" Foundation

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