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About us


We give talks and run workshops (in person and online) as well as offer consulting related to zero waste, sustainability and circular economy.


Our own on-going campaign - through posts on our website and our social media channels we aim to educate people, raise their awareness and motivate them.


Sometimes we come up with our own social initiatives (such as clean ups, film screenings, talks) and sometimes we support the initiatives of others, for example by agreeing to do unpaid work, by sharing our contacts or helping with promotion.


We react to what is happening around us. We talk with people, sign petitions, write letters, get in touch with producers. Sometimes we start our own initiatives, sometimes we support those led by others.

Anna Desogus

Founder of Circular Together, a zero waste educator and consultant, who also includes principles of sustainability and circular economy in her work.

Partner of Targi Zero Waste – fairs organised in various cities in Poland. Member of the Zero Waste Professionals network. In 2019 she participated in 25 events either as speaker or panellist. An entrepreneur with a positive impact – she works with passion to contribute in a positive way to the society and the world.

Anna speaks 4 languages (Polish, English, Italian, German), which helps her to continuously broaden her knowledge and work with clients and partners in various countries. In December 2019 she took part in the study tour in Italy organised by Zero Waste Europe.


In April 2020 Anna was selected for the 10-week-long closed online programme From Linear to Circular London 2020 led by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, one of the leading international organisations focussed on accelerating the transition to a circular economy. There were over 600 applicants from around the globe and over 300 were invited to join the programme. In July, having completed the first stage of the programme, Anna was selected as one of over 80 people to take part in the second stage which will take place in October - November 2020.


Anna’s background is in classical music. She studied piano at the Gdansk Music Academy and Universität Mozarteum in Salzburg. She also graduated from German studies at Gdansk University and obtained a Masters degree in management in the arts at Donau Universität Krems. The first chapter of her professional career was her work in the music industry in London where she worked as artist manager at IMG Artsits and later on as Head of Concerts and Touring at Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.


After moving back to Poland in late 2018, Anna decided to make a career change as she felt the need to act on some of the most pressing issues related to the degradation of the natural environment.


​Between 2011 and 2015 Anna was a keen triathlete and completed around 20 races in the UK. These days she’s taking it easy but still staying active, swimming in the Baltic sea, cycling in the forests and running along the beach in Sopot, Poland where she lives.

Alessandro Desogus

Co-founder of Circular Together. An IT consultant, at Circular Together Alessandro is responsible for finance and he contributes to our social initiatives.


Alessandro is originally from Sardinia, Italy. A keen triathlete in the past, he’s got sprint-, olympic-, half ironman- and full ironman-distance races under his belt. Since moving to the Tri-city, Poland in 2018, he’s making an effort to get used to the temperatures in the Baltic and to learn Polish.


Emilia Jankowska

Emilia Jankowska, Ph.D. is an oceanographer focusing on marine benthic systems (all life forms on the ocean floor) and their functioning under human pressures such as habitat disturbances, climate warming, and microplastic pollution. Her expertise includes organic carbon cycle and sinks, benthic biodiversity, and food web reconstruction with the use of trophic markers.


Currently, Emilia works as Senior Research Fellow at Project Drawdown where she analyzes ocean-based solutions to mitigate global warming. Before she took on this role, she worked for over a year at SYSTEMIQ in London as part of the team behind ‘Breaking the Plastic Wave’ – a report created together with the PEW Charitable Trust. This report, published in July 2020, is a first of it’s kind evidence-based analysis of the solutions to cut plastic leakage into the oceans. Emilia was leading the microplastic pollution workstream, modeling both the microplastic pathways into the oceans and the solutions to stop it.


In 2018 Emilia collaborated with NGOs in Malaysia and Indonesia and directly applied conservation practices in mangroves restoration, reducing plastic pollution, and environmental education.


Earlier in her career Emilia gained research experience as a principal investigator of a project funded by the National Science Centre in Poland. She was also a member of two COST (European Association of Science and Technology) working groups - 'Development and implementation of a pan-European Marine Biodiversity Observatory System' and  'Seagrass productivity - from genes to ecosystem management'. Furthermore, she participated in some projects funded by the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme evaluating climate warming effects in the European Arctic.


She received her Ph.D. at the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot (Poland),  in collaboration with the University of Gent (Belgium). Her Ph.D. project evaluated the impacts of seagrass recovery on the functioning of the benthic communities. She is the author of 18 peer-reviewed publications. She participated in various international conferences and science popularization campaigns.


In her free time, you will probably find Emilia outdoors, practising yoga, surfing on waves or diving below them. Otherwise, she transforms her kitchen to a small lab where she prepares her self-made cosmetics. 


Depending on the needs of our clients, we also collaborate with other zero waste, sustainability and circular economy experts. We’ve got an international network and put the right team together for each project.

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