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Cyrkularne alternatywy dla linearnego systemu jednorazowych opakowań plastikowych

We work with clients from all three sectors:

  • the public sector

  • the private sector (small, medium and large companies)

  • non-governmental organisations

Talks & Workshops


(available as in person or online events)


  • Modern issues related to waste and zero waste as a solution – definition of zero waste, the 5Rs, local and international context

  • Lessons from the pandemic - the current state of our planet and what have we learned during the pandemic so far

  • Zero waste for individuals, companies, cities

  • The global plastic pollution crisis

  • Plastic – what you need to know about the problems and the solutions

  • Waste separation & recycling

  • Introduction to circular economy – drivers for change, definitions, principles, circular design

The form and duration of the events are tailored to the client's needs. Currently most popular are 60 to 75min long webinars.

NEW in 2021

Upstream Innovation Workshop - an interactive online workshop focused on single-use plastic packaging. 

This workshop includes:

- upstream vs downstream - why are solutions at the stage of the design so important

- the three key strategies: elimination, reuse and circulation

- activities inspiring participants to come up with their own innovations and solutions for specific issues related to single-use packaging made of plastic

- top tips for a successful implementation of upstream innovations

This workshop is based on the Upstream Innovation Guide published by Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Please contact us for more details.

Film screenings

(available as in person or online events)

We can organise the licence for the documentary of your choice and can run the introduction to the event as well as a moderated discussion after the screening.

Films we offer focus on the following subjects


Short and full length films are available. If you want to learn about various language options and subtitles, please get in touch!

Campaigns, Series of events


We can help you plan campaigns and series of events on a chosen topic related to zero waste and sustainability.


These can be happening any time during the year, or can be linked to important dates such as:

  • Earth Day (22 April)

  • Plastic Free July

  • Zero Waste Week (7 - 11 September 2020)

  • European Waste Reduction Week (21 – 29 November 2020)

We offer consulting for companies wanting to move towards a zero waste office.


We can help you plan and implement changes in the office addressing the following:

  • how to improve rates of waste separation

  • how to reduce the amount of waste generated

  • how to reduce the amount of single use plastic

  • how to educate, motivate & engage your employees when it comes to the subject of zero waste and sustainability.

Our Clients

Since March 2019 we had the pleasure to work with the following clients:

Public sector

  • European Solidarity Centre Gdansk

  • City of Gdansk

  • City of Sopot

  • Mazovian Social Policy Centre

  • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia

  • Cultural Institute Gdansk (Instytut Kultury Miejskiej)

  • Family Centre Gdynia (Gdynia Rodzinna)

  • UrbanLab Gdynia

  • Centre for Ecological Information and Education in Gdańsk

  • the Mazovia Institute of Culture

Private sector

  • Netguru

  • PURO Hotels

  • Google

  • Bayer

  • Café Kwadrat

  • Yoga & Pilates Centre Gdynia

  • Travel agency KOMPAS

  • State Street


  • Greenpeace

  • Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation (Inkubator Starter)

  • Liberte Foundation

  • Generacja Foundation

  • The Polish Scouting and Guiding Association

  • UP Foundation – Fundacja Inicjowania Rozwoju

  • Polish Ecological Club

  • Pomeranian Network of NGOS (Pomorska Sieć Centrów Organizacji Pozarządowych)

  • International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA-Poland)

  • "Strefa Zieleni" Foundation

In 2019 Anna Desogus gave talks and led panel discussions at the following events:

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